About Us
Human imagination knows No Limits,
So Why Should You?

Putting limits on imagination curtails our growth whereas taking away LIMITS helps us go beyond the routine, into the sphere of the high and mighty!


The need of the hour is to find perfect balance between identification of priorities and judicious use of “time”, the most precious & yet irreplaceable commodity we have all been gifted with, in unknown quantity or volume!


We not only completely overhaul the Branding and Persona Public Figures but also design, manufacture & distribute cutting-edge products (globally) that deliver high intrinsic value where most needed


we help you Train Your Mind to achieve anything and everything you set your eyes on.
The key to this is to:

“ These 5 traits will give you the perfect balance
you've been missing in your life, which will
translate into unparalleled success. ”
3 Remain POSITIVE at all times
4 Work towards LEARNING something
new each and every day
5 Keep PERSISTING towards your goals,
but remain PATIENT while doing so
(LimitlessX) does just that.
Jas Mathur

the Co-Founder of Limitless Performance has revolved his life around building a Lifestyle Brand which is strictly focused on Motivating, Inspiring & empowering the masses to achieve anything and everything they set their eyes on.

He is an accomplished Serial Entrepreneur that grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and started his own online business in 1996, at the young age of 11. His parents had given him his first Personal Computer with Internet connection and it gave Jas the advanced tools to experiment with technology, something which was considered a luxury at the time.

His passion for Wrestling (WWE then “WWF”), coupled with his parents’ unequivocal support, enabled him to learn Graphic Designing and Coding (languages such as: HTML, CGI, Perl and PHP) and build bulletin-board websites delivering the latest gossip in the World of Wrestling and eventually bring on some renowned Wrestlers and Fighters to do live interviews for fans. Jas learned how to generate traffic organicly with search engines, chat rooms, and other bulletin boards.

Jas’ e commerce websites were all generating 5-figures a month from 1997 onwards while the World Wrestling Entertainment’s online presence was limited to America Online, and not “ or”. After receiving large offers to sell his high-traffic wrestling websites In 2001, Jas entered the Online Gambling and Sports Betting industry, amongst a few other ventures.

At 19, Jas moved to Vancouver and opened Incredible Entertainment, his first ‘brick-and-mortar’ storefront location dealing in a variety of consumer electronics, home entertainment, and Surveillance Systems. He developed an insatiable appetite for learning consumer behaviour, building rapport with Vendors and introducing off-beat techniques to reach his target market.

His hard work paid off and soon Jas was amongst the largest distributors of Home Entertainment products across Canada, competing with companies such as Ariza Technology, DigiWave, Lorex, 21st Century Entertainment, and several others.

After getting his feet wet in retail, Jas moved to wholesale and importing container loads of his “house branded” Home Entertainment, CCTV Surveillance, and Cabling products which were sold across stores Nationwide. Jas used his Tech and Marketing skills to develop this business over a course of 5 years, which he then sold in 2014.

A serial entrepreneur, Jas has successfully launched numerous online ventures in various genres as he never believes in putting all eggs in one basket. Jas did have one setback, all of the hours he spent sitting by a computer led to obesity. Jas' weight peaked at over 450 lbs with a waist size of 68” during this time.

With the introduction of social media platforms (such as Facebook), Jas felt embarrassed to re-connect with friends and family and that set an awareness inside him to take charge of his health. He started focusing on losing weight and as he saw results he became extremely passionate about the fitness industry and started studying the market.

As Jas found a new niche in health and nutrition, he launched his own brick and mortar + online brand of KORE Fit Living Modern Health Boutiques. He sold his first franchise while the first Corporate Flagship store was still under construction. Read more about Kore Fit Living at:

Entering into the Health & Fitness industry brought Jas together with world renowned athletes who recognized his online skills and prompted the launch of Emblaze ONE, an interactive agency which today consists of nearly 50 “Digital Experts” possessing end-to-end skill-sets in everything digital.

An opportunity came knocking on Jas’ doors from a Los-Angeles based (Internationally recognized) Music Artist and top-grossing Reality TV Star to join hands and collaborate on some projects in 2014. This alliance gave Jas immense credibility and brought him into both the Entertainment and Music industry.

One direct effect of all this experience over the last 2 decades has given Jas an enviable mastery of the web to generate open lines of Mass Communication, Relationship Building and Awareness of Consumer Markets in any given industry.

Torrie Wilson

The Co-Founder of Limitless Performance had a common goal on helping motivate and inspire others to train their mind to see the best in every situation, pursue their goals, etc.

Torrie Wilson is most known for spending nearly 9 years as a pro-wrestling superstar with the WWE. On the road nearly 300 days per year, she performed for live crowds of up to 90,000 globally, not to mention the millions every week on television or pay per view. Not many that knew her would have guessed that would be her path but there was never a doubt that her charisma in and out of the ring made her one of the most popular Diva’s to ever step in the ring.

While studying pre-dietetics at Boise State University, Torrie was at the tail end of a battle with an eating disorder and starting to put on the ‘Freshman 10’ during her third year. Determined to be healthy and look good the right way, she began devouring fitness magazines and admiring the women see saw with muscles that maintained a feminine look. From the second she opened her first fitness magazine, Torrie had her sights set on a new goal..looking like a shapely and fit woman. Not like a 110 lb waif. Torrie entered a fitness competition, mostly because she knew if she set a goal it would keep her focused. She only competed in 3 shows but was immediately scouted by photographers and shooting magazine covers.


Moving was the best decision she could have made. Within the first 3 months Torrie was working and three months after that, she had a chance encounter at a wrestling show while accompanying her then boyfriend, that ended up turning into a nearly 9 year career as a WWE Diva. This seemed like the perfect blend of two things Torrie loves the most: Athletics and Entertainment.

Even with the crazy travel schedule, it was always a priority to get workouts in and she says she has probably seen every gym in every U.S. city and every major international city. It definitely wasn’t always easy and there were highs and lows, but all of the peaks and valley’s taught her valuable lessons about what things worked and what didn’t.


Torrie has a unique ability to touch the heart of everyone she meets with her genuine interest and care for them. To live our best life it’s not just about workouts. It’s also about eating healthy and balanced; yet allowing ourselves room to live in a realistic world that includes having a piece of cake at a birthday party without going on a 2 week binge after. And it’s about our healthy mind and soul, because that is where it all starts. Torrie feels comfortable saying this because it has not come easy to her. (and is ongoing for all of us) Overcoming an eating disorder at a young age, hypothyroidism diagnosed at 16, career ending back surgery, breakups, failed businesses...many things we all face and have to overcome. We can either use setbacks as excuses or we can use them as fuel to becoming the greatest success story we could ever hear. OUR OWN.

The method
We are a TEAM of 'single-windows' Support Personnel with in-house Advertising, Marketing & Interactive Agency, Outstanding add Very Well-Recognized Fitness Experts, Outstanding Nutritionists, Hollywood Circuit Image Building Experts, Music Industry Pros as well as Necessary Credentials to take on the toughest challenges.
We build your Web presence and E-commerce capabilities from scratch the way it brings focused rewards, not just ‘friends’ that never convert to Dollars.
We generate and also fulfill Merchandizing Opportunities that bring you recurring rewards while building the buzz around your image.
We create interactive dialogue with your fans-base for continued opportunities
We know and live by the principle that no two
individuals’ needs are similar. That is why we custom-design each
component of our vast array of
solutions in direct communication with our valued clients.
Building Ideas into Reality.
Mission statement

Born out of one man’s desire to break monotony, throw away inhibition, put up a bold face and take on the World in all its glory, Limitless Performance (LimitlessX) has taken quantum leaps in the last 11 years. If you have ever seen or met with an excessively obese teenager too shy to join the gym and make a change in his life, you can imagine what I looked like at little over 450 lbs. when barely 23.

Gradual efforts at calculating the negative impact of my shell-shocked living I gathered the necessary courage to hire a Personal Trainer. I redirected part of my thriving online business earnings to purchase necessary workout equipment and gave it all I had. I recreated myself from a slouch to an active, athletic, charming Public figure in a matter of less than 3 years. At 200 lbs and down from Waist Size 54 to 32 I shocked my entire extended family, friends, clients and all others that I came in contact with.

The above change allowed me to come into contact with some of the Very Well Known Celebrities curious to learn the formula behind my success. My “Entertainment” business expanded into Health and Fitness and gradually on to PR and a Full-fledged Marketing Agency.

The struggle I went through, during the transition phase helped me learn a lot more than smart eating habits and importance of exercise to stay fit. It taught me how to recreate my entire life through a balanced approach on a daily basis. It helped me learn the techniques of creating focus. It taught me “Time Management” skills that had been lost in my almost 18/7/365 routine of handling multiple lucrative E-commerce Platforms.

My interaction with some of the exceptionally successful luminaries including Billionaires opened up a new avenue of breaking the norm and getting rid of shoddy philosophies that hamper our growth without us knowing.

During the course of these gruelling as well as highly productive 11 years, my individual initiative has put together a tried and tested TEAM of over 40 highly energetic professionals from various fields related to Interactive Image Building through a chiselled redesign in a complete package.

We have received accolades from hundreds of highly impactful Public Figures for our services. These individuals come from various fields including, but not limited to, Hollywood Celebrity Circle, Sports Figures from NHL, NFL and NBA, Music Industry luminaries, Globally recognized Athletes from Mixed martial Arts, Wrestling, Body Building of the Highest Calibre as well as other much sought-after individuals that put highest value on their time and association!

Mailing Address:
1010 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
We help with physical profile sharpening
to awe-inspiring levels that you could
never get without professional expertise
at enormous cost.
We offer a 'single-windows' service that encompasses our totally self-sufficient network of specific organizations, all under our easier to remember brand name: LimitlessX